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Quality Ibizan Hounds bred in a home environment

About Us

Hi i'm Liz, and my two sons Martin and Shaun Egan. We all live in the North of England and Wales area of the UK

The affix Snowlief was originally founded with my mother way back in the 70's when she started off her Affix with her love of Samoyeds and was extremely proud when she had her first litter. My mum did not have great health and so her dogs were everything to her and when she sadly passed away i of course inherited the 4 Samoyeds remaining in the brood; which i lovingly cared for until they too went to meet up with her in paradise. I already had my first Ibizan hound at this time who thought that Samoyeds were just rugs to lie on and keep warm !! It seemed only fitting to keep my mothers affix and run it on in her honour with my Ibizans,,,,,, and i guess she would be very proud of my humble achievements in the breed to date. Of course i am always aware she is looking down over me ......and so on to my ibizans ........

Les and I currently have 3 Ibizan hounds living at home with us, after sadly losing Rafa to a snake bite complication in 2019, and then his grandmother Lotti just a couple of months later to old age. A very sad time for us indeed, Rafa's life being cut short in the prime of his life. 

 I'd like to say life is quieter but our youngster Ringo just over a year old now keeps us on our toes, along with my two older girls Sally and Willow who still enjoy their hunting on the moors and hills of Lancashire. However, we have a lot of the extended family of Snowlief spread all over the world, including the U.K. and internationally in Finland, Germany, Holland and the U.S.A..along with Rafa's offspring in Lithuania, Russia and Holland. 

Also Lilly from our second litter has also produced off spring in Germany which are now really successful in showing and lure coursing.  

We would like to share here some information on the first Ibizan hounds that came into our lives. We have had three litters in the 27 years that i have owned and loved Ibizan hounds and had our first home bred UK Champion made up in 2012; subsequently following that up with her son and daughter also becoming UK Champions in 2014 and 2015 

Our start to the Ibizan world came from owing our first Ibizan hound and one which laid the true foundations for the love of this breed. He was Paran Everyday Glory {Scudley Dudley to his friends}. He was truly a gentleman of the breed and was with us until the grand old age of 14 ......he will always be remembered with fondness as he grew up with my children. lAlthough we never showed him because of his "failed" ears we loved him just the same and he was where our true love of the breed grew from. 

Our next Ibizan Hound was Ch Paran Grace Under Pressure {Gracie to her friends}. The Most beautiful and elegant bitch, we only showed her a couple of times when she was young as she did not enjoy it much, and an over handling judge freaked her out at six months old. However we returned to the ring with her at the age of seven and successfully made her up to an English Champion. She was joint top Ibizan Hound in 2007, won the bitch cc at Crufts in 2007 and the Reserve Bitch cc at Crufts in 2008. She has numerous other awards including BOB Ibizan Hound at the Hound Show 2009 and numerous Best Veteran Stakes wins at Champ Shows throughout the UK.  

Our third owned Ibizan was perhaps our most memorable even though we only had her for a few years of her life. This was Paran My Favourite Headache {or Rubi to her friends}. Very much loyal to my ex husband Paul, she idolised him and followed him everywhere. Unfortunately Ruby developed an immune reaction to a procedure on her tooth and after being on medication for nearly two years with no improvement to her condition and the suffering continued we took a very sad decision along with the advice of several UK and international vets to let her go. Something we hope we will never ever have to do with a dog so young ever again. She will remain in our hearts forever, the most gentle girl you will ever meet. Love you Rubi xx

Our fourth addition to the start of our Ibizan family came with The Main Monkey Business at Snowlief {Dotti Lotti to her friends}. Our first mainly white bitch who was an extremely pretty bitch and had a temperament to die for. Lotti was our foundation bitch for our first litter of Snowlief Ibizans, we can only thank Pam Marston Pollock for allowing her to come to our family home. Sadly we lost Lotti in 2019 aged 12 years old, but she will always remain in our hearts as the mother of our clan.  

and so our clan started to take shape.....

I am proud to say that one of Lotti's pups successfully became our first home bred UK Champion. (CH Snowlief Prime Mover), followed by her Grandson Ch Snowlief Time Stands Still, who also won Best of Breed Ibizan Hound at Crufts 2014 aged just 17 months old, and it was a very proud moment for me personally having both the Dog CC and the Bitch CC at Crufts amongst some great competitors. (His mum Sally also achieving the Bitch CC at Crufts for the third year running). The grandaughter Ch Snowlief Red Sector A now joins that elite list having gained her UK Champion title in August 2015 still only 2 and a half years old. All three of them have gone on to win numerous CC's under breed specialists and makes me immensely proud as a the breeder, owner and mummy to all three.

And the icing on the cake for the beginning of 2014 was to also come second in the Breeders Finals at Crufts with both Sally, Rafa and his litter Sister Willow under top International Judge Paolo Dondini. My two friends Bettina Fredrix and Jill Morris helped to handle, The atmosphere was amazing and the Breeders groups involved reminded me of how lovely show people really can be in the right company. A memory i will treasure matter what placings we may get down the line.....we always take the best dogs home don't we ?

Rafa, had the most amazing show year in 2014, 2015 and 2016 both here and abroad and one of our proudest European moments was when he won Group 5 at the Belgium Brabo Chamionship Show in Antwerp early 2014; another great memory shared with some very good friends.  Then as if that was not good enough he went on to win BOB Ibizan hound at Crufts 2015 for the second year running, and made it to the last eight in the Hound Group at Crufts...... a memory i will treasure forever.  The in 2016 he topped this by winning BOB at Crufts for the third year running....... a first for consecutive wins in the Ibizan world.  

Losing him in 2019 to such sad circumstances was a real shock to us all...... a one off dog lost in his prime of life.

We are very proud of all our puppy owners who give our Ibizans the most amazing lives, they are all lovely people who have the most amazing fun with their ibizans, whether coursing, Horse riding, agility and Horse riding extravaganzas (yes Horseriding), racing, or just plain old fun and attention that this wonderful breed deserve. The most important thing to us is seeing how happy they are making our puppies, so THANKYOU !

All of them are special to both us and their loving families they are now with - you can see details for all our our Ibizans on the pedigree pages and Snowlief pictures. 

Last but certainly not least we must mention Anharbn Sebson V. Oxymoron (we call Sebi Webi Woo !) who was the Sire to our first litter and between him and Lotti has brought us the right historical lineage to ensure that the quality of the Ibizan Hounds in the UK remains steadfast. We cannot thank Jill and Dave Morris at Anharbn enough for letting us produce from their handsome boy. 

Our dogs are important to us, they have and always will be part of our lives. 

We do show some of our dogs but only when they are ready to show, they are not forced to show if they do not like it and it is more important to us that they are fit, have fun and have great loving homes, than for showing. With that said if they enjoy showing and see it as fun then this is a bonus. I am sure you can tell from the pictures on our site and my facebook pages that all my ibizans lead very happy lives. 

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and sharing some of our memories and welcome any comments on our guest book..... 

Location: Lancashire England, and Powys, Wales

email: [email protected]