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Quality Ibizan Hounds bred in a home environment


 My Sweet Lotti was our first Brood bitch at Snowlief and my foundation bitch for all to come..... and her first litter was excellent. They have all been both great pets and some great show dogs, it made us so proud of her when one of her pups became my first home bred Champion Snowlief Prime Mover; which came out of a mating between Lotti and Anharbn Sebson V Oxymoron (IMP NLD) ....

Lotti is such a sweet bitch and i have to say her temperament has been a focal point for both her litter and now her grandchildren, who are again displaying her beautiful temperament.

We did show Lotti whilst she was a youngster but she had a dreadful freak accident when my husband Paul was walking on the golf course close to where we lived at dusk for her last evening run and some youths with motorbikes were on the field with their lights off and then they suddenly came out of the bushes and raced towards her,,,,,,,, at which point she was terrified and jumped an eight foot hedge off the golf course right in to the path of a motorist. Needless to say she was in a terrible state for some time, but she now walks with a slight alter in gait from her injured hip joint which forced us to retire her from showing.........but her legacy will live on for generations and she is a wonderful matriarch to our "pack".

Lotti is now an at home dog but i have recently registered her to do pat (Pets as Therapy) work and we are just in the process of doing her suitability assessment but i will keep you posted . She will make a great P.A.T. dog as everywhere she goes everyone just wants to stroke her and give her a love......... go Dotti Lotti is no surprise she has several heart shaped red patches on her side,,,, as she is all heart ..................