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Quality Ibizan Hounds bred in a home environment


Born 27July 2010 

 What can i say about this beautiful girl of mine,,,, my first home bred champion from my first Ibizan Litter......she is so special to me and we are always out and about in the heart of Wales enjoying our walks together.

She is my silent guardian, she senses all my feelings and is never far from my side when i am at home.

She has had an immense show career for one so young still, she has won the Bitch CC at Crufts for 3 years running under different judges, Mr G Horswell, Mrs M Nixon and in March 2014 won it for the third time under a breed specialist Mrs Carla Molinari.

I thought her Achievement of winning Top Ibizan Hound 2103 (JT) was an achievement, but her win at Crufts was some icing on the cake; and to add to this she, along with 2 of her Progeny went on to get second place in the Breeders Finals at Crufts under Paulo Dondini. A truly memorable Crufts and one i will remember forever. My thanks to all the judges who thought so highly of my Snowlief girl.

So far as at 02 April 2014 Sally has been awarded 8 CC's, 3 Reserve CC's,

10 Best of Sex in Breed (Where Challenge Certificates have not been on offer)

8 Best of Breeds at Championship Show level.

and all at still under 4 years old......... so proud of my girl Sal ............